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What pim Needs to Set up a New Employee on Your Network

Image of EJ Phillips
EJ Phillips

When you hire a new employee, there is a lot to think about in terms of getting them all set up on your network. pim is at your service to make sure that your new hire's transition is as smooth as possible. 

Our techs often need the following information for each new hire:

  • Start date of new employee
  • Name of employee
  • Job title
  • Phone number for employee
  • Do they need an email address? If so:

    • What email address do you want them to have?
    • Will it replace another employee email?
    • Will other email need to be forwarded to it?
    • If not replacing another employee, do you want us to purchase another license should you not have one available?
    • Do you want them to have downloadable O365?
  • Are we setting up a new computer for them?
  • Are we using another device that was already set up for you?

    • If so, what is the name of the computer?
    • What systems will the new employee to have access to?
  • If we are replacing one user with another, do you want them to have the same access that the previous user had?

In some contexts, our techs may need more information, but these are the basic questions our techs may ask.  

As your business grows and evolves, pim is here to make sure that you continue to have your people, process, and technology synchronized. Contact your Client Concierge or Client Success Manager the next time you have a new hire and we will get them set up!

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