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Managed IT Services that support business growth

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Marissa Binck

Business technology is constantly changing to counteract the ever evolving cybersecurity landscape.  One of pim's core values is that we learn, grow, and stay curious. As such, we have seen that our clients need more than the "break/fix" model that a traditional MSP offers. We aim to not be just ProActive, as our name suggests, but PREDICTIVE.  To help us better serve our clients and meet their needs, we have created two new roles: the Technical Alignment Manager (TAM) and the Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO). Our TAM and vCIO work in tandem with one another, assessing your network and systems, making informed recommendations, and presenting the solutions that best deploy technology to meet your organization's goals. 

What services support business growth?


A Technical Alignment Manager (TAM) is responsible for running complete network and hardware audits. These network audits enable them to become an expert on what makes your company unique. The TAM is highly technical and a natural troubleshooter, deftly balancing their technical and people skills to strengthen their relationships with clients. 

The TAM’s main goal is to ensure that both the client and the MSP are using these audits to assess and align their priorities. As a non-sales position, your organization’s IT needs remain front and center, where they belong.


Meet your TAM-

Alec Gilmore is a detail-oriented self starter.  Coupled with his laid-back personality and wealth of technology knowledge, he is the perfect person to run alignments and compare your results against current IT standards and your business technology goals. 

Alec's thoughts on his job:

“What’s your favorite part of the job?” 

Alec: I have two parts I enjoy. The first is being able to work with clients and research the information needed for the vCIO, the second part is collaborating with the team to ensure we can assist in the client’s goals.

“How do you keep up with the ever-evolving world of technology?”

Alec: This requires a lot of research, from finding new articles and news links to always being active in our True Method group. I like to read everything I can get my hands on for clarification and it also helps to collaborate with our team.

“What sets you apart from other TAMs?”

Alec: My customer-focused mindset and ability to build relationships, allows me to speak to individuals on all levels and gather more information about the client.

“What do you see as your top priority?”

Alec: My top priority is to better understand the client’s network and systems in detail. So that we can better assist clients with meeting standards and be able to improve their work efficiency for the long term.

TAMvCIOalignment (1)


A virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) is a third-party person who provides consultation for your business technology strategy as opposed to having an in-house CIO. The vCIO’s job is to oversee your entire IT infrastructure by using the alignment completed by our TAM. They break down the recommendations of the TAM into a visually pleasing and easily digestible business plan. As a dedicated technology liaison for your company, the vCIO keeps your goals and budget on track, enabling your organization to have a safe and successful future.  

The vCIO sets a cadence of meetings. Weekly in the beginning and evolving into monthly or quarterly as your business technology needs demand. Once your technology support and strategy standards have begun to align, and the 1-3 years of hardware recommendations are set in place, we can find a rhythm that works for you.  

Meet Your vCIO-IMG_3138

Cari Grafton is a technology genius and gardening enthusiast. The same level of care, strategy, and patience she brings to her garden, she brings to your business. She brings a calm and level head to a primarily male dominated industry and position, and effortlessly helps clients understand technology with grace and aplomb.  

Cari's thoughts on her job:

“What’s your favorite part of the job?” 

Cari: Helping clients forecast their IT/SI initiatives. I believe this takes so much guess work out of planning not only your budget but your internal technical initiatives and work process as well.

“How do you keep up with the ever-evolving world of technology?”

Cari: Working across multiple industry types and company sizes keeps me sharp. No two companies are alike. Everyone is using different tech stakes and/or utilizing them in different ways depending on their business goals and work processes. In this position, I am always learning.

“What sets you aside from other vCIOs?”

Cari: I like to think that I take extra care around what makes each client's business unique. What the clients goals and priorities are for their business always comes first. I do not try to put anyone in a box regarding their technology needs.

“What do you see as a vCIOs top priority?”

Cari: Effective communication. Verifying that what we are communicating makes sense to the client, that the client understands the potential business impact of what I am communicating, and that the client is able to take that information and make the best decisions for their business.

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